Linear Equations

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A linear equation will typically take the form of x = 5y or perhaps x = 2 + 5y. These expressions can be used to explain any number of different things, so they can be studied in the context of real world events. An example might be the number of times that I log into a website, and how that can be predicted in a linear fashion based on certain antecedent events. We'll take Facebook as an example. The first thing that needs to happen for me to log into my Facebook account is that I need to access the Internet. I have a computer and I have a phone, and those two devices are my primary means of accessing the Internet. For the sake of simplicity, using a computer on campus will be treated as using my computer at home. Here is how the linear equation works. Every time I log onto my computer, I access Facebook an average of 1.8 times. I almost always access it once, but not always twice. That depends on how long I was on the computer for, and how many other things I have to do before I sign off. The number of times I go online with my phone it higher, but I use Facebook on my phone less, usually if I have received an alert about something. So the number of times I access Facebook per login on my phone is 0.23 times on average. This gives us a linear equation as follows: F = .23P + 1.8C, where F = number of times I log into Facebook, as a function of P = number of times I use my phone and C = number of times I use my computer. On a day where I am busy with school and work I
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