Linux Course Project Essay

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Linux Course Project
Network Operating Systems, UNIX/Linux with Lab
Linux Distributions for the Enterprise
By James Anderson

Professor: Yves Gollo
Network 240
April 7, 2012


Cover Page 1
Outline 2
Executive Summary 3-4
Introduction 5
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Conclusion 12-13
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Executive Summary: In the workplace today there are many different options for operating systems be they providers of server related services or end-user desktops there is a different Linux distribution for many different applications. There are also a number of advantages and disadvantages to adding onto or switching network operating systems within a company. In the following pages I
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All with the option of either a 32bit or a 64bit configuration an overall good choice for a workstation depending on the programs the different users need we can create our own versions with customized applications and other settings.
Cost and Support:
Fedora is free although support packages are mostly private IT companies that charge upwards of one-hundred fifty dollars an hour but there are lots of community forums and other websites that have a wealth of information to help IT staff solve issues that may arise.
Performance and reliability:
Fedora is known for its stability and reliability with performance that is not necessarily the best but aims at being efficient for the long haul. When fedora 12 was released in February of 2009 it was said the new version of fedora boasted “A lot of performance enhancements under the hood make this a much more tightly optimized release for x86 (32bit) systems.”(Danen, 2009)

While of a similar flavor to that of Windows 7 Ubuntu is a Debian based desktop distribution. Ubuntu is a good general desktop application geared more toward graphic multimedia usage. Ubuntu also has the ability to run some Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Office through the use of a software program called wine which allows Linux like operating systems to run windows applications.
Cost and support:
Ubuntu is in the same
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