List-Group Labels In Science

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List-Group-Label: List-Group-Label can be used in Science to help students learn the vocabulary of a topic. The teacher can start with a topic, such as plants. The students could then pick out words that have to deal with plants from off of the top of their head or from the text they are learning from. The students would then group the words together and give each individual group a label.
Concept Sort: Concept sort can be used in Science to help students comprehend what they are learning. The teacher preselects words from the text that the students are being taught from and gives the words to the students. The student's job is to sort the words into preselected categories, for example, if the concept was plants, then …show more content…

After the students are done talking with their partners about the question, the whole class shares what they have come up with.
Visual Imagery: Visual imagery can be used in math by helping the students comprehend what they are learning. The teacher should explain how to work out word problems and equations and write each step out on the board. Students will then be able to see exactly how to solve the math problems which will enhance their comprehension. Visual Imagery can also be used to explain math vocabulary.
Word Maps:A word map can be used in math to help students comprehend math vocabulary. The teacher will create a word map for the students that they will have to fill out using a selected math vocabulary word. The vocab word will be in the center of the map with surrounding topics, such as definition, synonym, antonym, draw a picture, write a sentence, and how the student could use that word in a real world situation.
Social Studies

Semantic Feature Analysis: Semantic feature analysis can be used in social studies to help students learn vocabulary words and comprehend what they are reading. When using semantic feature analysis, the teacher creates a chart with vocabulary words going down the left hand column and the important featured topics going across the top row. The students then place + signs in the proper slot if the vocab word aligns with the topic,and if the vocab word does not align with the topic the student puts a - sign.

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