List Three Adjectives That Describe Your Personality / Character

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After high school, I plan to attend college for four years, and find a part time job during my time in college. While I attend college, I also plan to continue trying my best to have good grades and a good rank. After college, I plan to find a long term job, and or return back to school to obtain a PhD.

4) List 3 adjectives that describe your personality/character. Give examples to support your answers:
a. I am a diligent person, I tend to give all my work my 100% and try to perfect everything that I do. Whether it be school work, chores, or volunteer work, I try to complete the work on time and to the best of my ability.
b. I have very distinctive personality and sense of humor that tends to stand out. I am very outgoing in front of people that I know, and I have a very sarcastic sense of humor. In addition, I love play on word jokes, so I try to incorporate that into a conversation every chance that I get.
c. I am also a very ambitious person. Every chance that I get for an opportunity such as internships, I always try to take them. Despite not always getting in, I never get discourage and I try to move on to try other experiences that may help me in the long run.
5) List 3 adjectives that describe your academic achievement and work ethic:
a. I am a perfectionist about homework and learning concepts. I always try to complete my homework without any errors, to the best of my ability. I also always try to ask teachers or friends to help clarify a concept if I don’t

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