Listening To Eva Kor's 'Night'

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While reading the book "Night", meeting Eva Kor, and watching "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" and a few other movies I've seen, it really opens your eyes to someone else's world. Listening to Eva Kor speak about her experience really hits deep. We sit here and read about it and watch movies about the holocaust, but not everyone can say we listened to it first hand, and saw the tattoo. It gives more of a story, more heart into her story to make us understand what they all went through. She gives more emotion then what a book reads or a movie. First, Germans as a whole was more brainwashed instead of for the holocaust. Hitler and the nazis successfully brainwashed the German population that moving the Jews to ghettos then to camps would be a ray of sunshine. They used propaganda to say that the camps had coffee shops and it was a wonderful camp. When in reality they were murdering helpless victims. At the time the Germans were …show more content…

Obviously there both human beings, but the Germans failed to grasp the fact the Jews were human. It's interesting that the Germans and the Jews suffered a similar end. After the Holocaust the Nazis were hunted down and killed for what they have done. Like how the Nazis hunted down the Jews and killed them. Death and destruction were a common cause during the war. Most of Germany was blindly following the nazis At the end of the day will we ever wonder what was going on in the Germans minds. Next, your probably wondering how the German population was able to go on in life and think these concentration camps were a happy ray of sunshine. It was almost like the regular German population had no clue the effects of the holocaust. It was all propaganda. The nazis were cleaver with how they displayed the concentration camps. They pre-trade how the camp had all the benefits that the normal society had. They completely convinced the German population that everything was

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