36 Questions About The Holocaust Essay

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Those familiar with history will know of the Holocaust, the brutal extermination effort led by Adolf Hitler seeking to kill any person who was not of the Aryan race or who was considered an enemy of the Third Reich. Approximately eleven million people, six million of which were Jewish, were killed at concentration camps during this period. The discovery of these camps was made public shortly after the end of World War II. Many German citizens were shocked to discover these camps in their own backyards. This begs the following question: how were the Nazis able to imprison and exterminate vast numbers of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and disabled people while most German citizens appeared to remain oblivious of the horrors going on around them?
While there is a great deal of information readily available concerning WWII, this specific topic is a bit more nuanced and information is less readily available. However, there are a few sources providing meaningful insight as to just how the German population neglected to put all of the pieces together. One example of this is an article put out by the Museum of Tolerance’s Online Multimedia Learning Center. It is entitled “36 Questions About the Holocaust” and is in a question and answer format. It touches on a wide array of different information. One of the questions it explicitly asks is “What did people in Germany know about the persecution of Jews and other enemies of Nazism?”. This source also addresses how German citizens were
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