Literacy Is The Key Structure Of Communication, And Communication

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Throughout life, there are many developmental skills that one must learn to be successful. Literacy is one of them. Literacy is the ability to read and write, and without either one of them our world would fail. It’s the overall structure of communication, and communication is something that dominates our lifestyle today. Literacy can be met through other things besides reading and authorship. It can be found in newspapers, books, television sources and so much more. It is vital to understand literacy and how resources are related. My literacy skills began to develop like most, at a young age. Early literacy usually starts with parents. Like me, my literacy developed through them. I consider them my first real teachers. Growing up, my …show more content…

1st grade was the year I loved to read. I remember my teacher, Mrs. Pannell, would always try to read to us every day. To be specific, she would especially read Junie. B Jones. I developed a love for these books, that I made my mother buy me the whole series, just so I could read them repeatedly. If it wasn’t for how fun she made the book seem and her tone of voice, I would have never enjoyed the passion for reading that I do now. When it comes to middle school, I hated it. Middle school were the three most awkward school years of my life. I think back in 6th grade having the most wonderful English teacher ever. Mrs. O’Shields was the best and I loved to listen to her talk. She was an Ohio native, so she was not very southern, but when she would sing or read, she would constantly attempt to speak southern. She always made the class so fun and interesting. I developed a great relationship with her in 6th grade, that even now I still talk to her about my school life and personal life. She was biggest support system I had throughout middle school. Now when it comes to 7th and 8th grade, I was just trying to get by and make it to high school. Upon entering high school, I had already encountered many things that have helped me develop a better understanding of literacy. From understanding grammar, parts of speech, and so much more to where the list would be too long. My experiences in high school are the most vivid memories, considering I just

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