Does the Use of Sound Cloud App Encourage Students to Read Aloud?

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Introduction Does the use of the Sound Cloud application, encourage students to read aloud?
Literacy is fundamental for student’s education in school. Reading has part of education for many centuries and teachers need to remind students how much reading helps them increase their language skills which they will use in school and throughout their lives. Reading aloud can improve reading fluency, increase vocabulary, and foster comprehension skills. If certain students read aloud in the classroom, teachers in most cases don’t look for alternatives to encourage the rest. Some teachers don’t model reading aloud to students, even though it can be a factor in promoting and increasing the motivation of students in fostering their reading skills. The main goal for teachers should be to create independent readers; students that can be autodidact throughout their lives. Nowadays, students tend to have difficulties reading aloud in the classroom and keeping up with reading lectures from the textbook. This lack of interest can be attributed to the technological era, in which students live today. One of the difficulties that educators have nowadays is that with the fast growing of technology, it is complicated to keep students engage in reading. Although, technology is pulling students away from traditional read aloud lectures, it can be a useful tool to engage students to read aloud. Therefore, the main goal of this research is to prove, the “sound cloud” application can encourage
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