Literary Analysis Of How Ramen Got Me Through Adolescence

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In “How Ramen Got Me Through Adolescence,” Veronica Greenwood (2014, August 1) describes how during a three year period expanding from the beginning of her middle school years, to the end, she was at a very troubled spot in life. She felt as if she was an outcast and that there was nobody else like her, nobody that had similar interests, or anybody who acted the same way as her. She describes how the only time that she every felt like she was in her “comfort zone” was when she was either reading, or eating Ramen Noodles. The genre of this story seems comes off as being a memoir. Veronica Greenwood (2014, August 1) says “for more than three years I ate a packet nearly every day, a thousand steaming bowls” (para. #6). This her describing how her life was previously over a stretch of three years.
I think the authors main point of the reading is to tell a story but also to give advice. Greenwood rambles on about how she always felt like she had no friends, how she liked in when she was alone, and that her only comfort was her ramen noodles. She is just telling a story in the form of a memoir. She is describing real events in her life like when she said “Once, when someone sent me a love note at summer camp, I tore it up in front of all the others, just in case it was someone making fun of me” (para. #5) she is telling us something that actually happened to her and the actions that she took. But she tells us about what she read, and what happened in her classes, and how she went

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