Literary Analysis Of Langston Hughes Poems Rivers, Too, Dreams, And Refugee

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Civil Rights?
(Literary analysis of Langston Hughes poems Rivers, Too, Dreams, and Refugee.) How far are you willing to fight to keep all the rights you have right now? Now imagine those right never belonged to you but applied to everyone else, is that fair? Yes, be treated as lesser by everyone else with the great rights you don’t have. No, make a stand in any way possible till you get those right to be equal.In a article online it states, “Hughes never did abandon the language of racial protest; a revealing measure of his influence may be found in famous works whose titles are themselves quotations from his poems.” (Sundquist). Langston Hughes was a very famous African American that wrote about the problem that African Americans faced in the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance was a time where African American culture started to flourish and be appreciated for the work and talent that they have. Hughes challenged racism with his poems and every poem has a different point of view of what African Americans were going through and fight for. Langston Hughes’s poems Rivers, Too, Dreams, and Refugee each have a clear message in them about civil rights for African Americans. Rivers by Langston Hughes sets in a troubling mood and message of the struggle African Americans had to face while they were in slavery and the freedom Abe Lincoln got for them.The poem starts out talking about seeing many rivers. After then hughes states many different river that had slavery

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