Literary Analysis Of Thanatopsis

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William Cullen Bryant is the author of Thanatopsis. This poem is the one describes the link between death and nature. “Nature“ is the main central idea of Transcendentalism, and each author has different ideas about nature, and their writing methods are different. Emerson, is the author who is main representative of Transcendentalism, and Bryant have a slightly different style of Emerson. “Bryant was born in Cumington, Massachusetts, and began writing poetry before he was nine years old. Bryant’s family is Puritan family, when he was a child, he was often ill, and his father asked him to walk in the forest to strengthen his constitution, which gave him a keen interest in nature. Bryant's position combines the impulses of the British romantic school and his own New England conservatism. His life gradually moved away from the Calvinism of religion, the political transition from federalism to unification and Jackson's democratic attitudes. He thought poetry was an art of association, it inspires readers' imagination with symbolism rather than direct imitation of life, and hold the reader's feelings and arouse them to act with passion. His style throughout the 19th century formed the mainstream of American poetry”(1).
He is one of the representatives of the transcendentalists. Transcendentalism was not a rejection of Unitarianism, rather, it developed as an organic consequence of the Unitarian emphasis on free conscience and the value of intellectual reason. The

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