Literary Analysis Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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Deliberate authorial choices become crucial in getting the readers attention in a said literary work. Authors spend their whole career developing these techniques to create a style that is their own. Shirley Jackson displays her talent to the reader in her writing of a pessimistic short story that she is most famous for. Her famous short storyThe Lottery” is one to keep the reader interested not only in the content but in the way she presents it and the emotional toll that it has on the readers. The story follows a town which partakes in a ritualistic lottery. Each household draws from a black box and whomever draws the black circle wins. The family who wins draws again and the winner of the family gets stoned. Jackson presents an pessimistic story which reveals all the story’s meaning at the end. It is through her deceiving style, her deliberate technical choices, Shirley Jackson first lulls her reader then shocks them as she reveals a story that takes a look at following blindly and the danger of misinterpreting religion and traditions, that is a result of evil hiding in the ordinary elements of life. In the first reading of The Lottery, no reader suspects the events of the ending. A contributing factor to this shock that Jackson produces is the syntax. Jackson begins her story with long and involved sentences written in declarative form. These lengthy sentences tend to lull the reader into the content which has been written. Jackson writes these sentences to create a

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