Literary Analysis Of The Palmwine Drinkard

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- Literary and stylistic choices The palmwine-drinkard is a picaresque or episodic novel where the narrator cannot imagine a life without drinking palmwine even there was a stage when he cannot drink water expect from palm-wine. When his tapper dies, and he could not find another one as qualified as his previous tapper, then he decides to go on a dangerous and adventurous journey to the death town to look for his dead palmwine tapper with his guidance of his dead father’s juju(magic). The novel is written in first person protagonist due to the fact that Tutuola wants a bond between the narrator and his audience. The use of the first-person protagonist in this novel is effective to the extent that it gives a sense of closeness to the characters. It is also easy for the audience to empathize with the narrator as it is being read through the narrator’s perspective. Looking at the literary choices that Tutuola used, it can be concluded that the …show more content…

His fingernails were long to about two feet, his head was bigger than his body ten times. He had a large mouth which was full of long teeth, these teeth were about one-foot-long and as thick as a cow's horns, his body was almost covered with black long hair like a horse's tail hair. He was very dirty. There were five horns on his head and curved and levelled to the head, his four feet were as big as a log of wood” (The Palm-Wine Drinkard 229). The uses of imagery “he was as big as an elephant” help the reader visualize more realistically what Tutuola is trying to convey or display. The fact that Tutuola always clarifies who the narrator is talking about, makes it easier for the audience to follow and to connect more to the story. “Because he (the killer of the Prince) knew that if the king realised who killed his son he (king) would kill the man instead, so this man did not want to prove out that he was The killer of the prince. So when we reached the town

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