Literary Analysis Of We Come Apart

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We Come Apart is about Jess and Nicu, who meet each other while doing community service for shoplifting. Tess appears to be a strong, confident, rebellious girl, but at home her stepfather Terry abuses her mother and often forces her to watch and record it. Nicu has immigrated from Romania to England and is there so his parents can make enough money to find him a Romanian wife.

When they first meet in community service, Jess doesn't want anything to do with Nicu. She thinks she's not like him and that he won't understand her. But he does. Even though he doesn't understand English very well, he understands that something is wrong. Jess realizes this one day when Nicu comes up to her in the park. From then on, they become friends and then …show more content…

Jess was one of the only people who sees beyond his ethnicity and his broken English to see him for him, though she struggled to stand up for him at first.

I thought their romance was sweet. At first Jess didn't want to go on a real date with Nicu and only wanted to hang out, but eventually she did. They spent their community service time together and when they were finished with that, they hung out together in their free time. It was like they were the only ones who understood each other.

SPOILER (I'm going to try to include spoiler warnings in my reviews from now on)

I didn't like the ending. I don't think it wrapped up the story well enough and I still have a lot of questions that I feel should be answered. I'm still getting used to endings that aren't happy and I don't mind them too much if the ending is written enough since they're more realistic.

The novel ends with Jess and Nicu deciding to run away. On the day they decide to do it, a series of incidents happen that causes things to not go according to their plan. At the last minute Nicu decides that Jess could have a normal life if it weren't for him and doesn't get on the train with her. As the train is getting ready to leave, he walks onto the platform and waves goodbye. I though it was sweet that he was he thought was best for her, even though he wanted to be with her.

After I finished reading, I thought there should've be

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