Young Goodman Brown And The Lottery Short Story

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The stories we read in class had a lot of distinct similarities in each story. One similarity I saw was; all the stories introduced their settings in the beginning. Also, all the stories explain some truths about the world we live in. For example, in The Lottery, this story shows the danger of blindly following traditions of the community was so used to playing the lottery, that it has become a normal habit for them not realizing the damage this “lottery” is causing them and the people who has to lose their life for it. Another example, in The Lottery, is when Mrs. Delacroix turned against her good friend Tessie by picking up the largest stone to kill her which shows that there are certain friends you may have and when certain situations happens, their true colors will show and they may not have been a true friend to begin with. Also, in Young Goodman Brown, along his spiritual journey he encountered people he knew already, but then those people started to act the total opposite of what Goodman thought of his friends. This shows that in life, not everything is what it seems, no matter how you see it. Another example is …show more content…

I disliked the ending because I don’t think it was right to end the story with the village about to stone Tessie to death. Instead, the story should’ve ended with Tessie being stoned to death, but then the village finally realized the damage and chaos the “lottery” has done and then have decided to stoned Mr. Summers to death for starting this monstrosity. If the story would’ve ended the way I wanted it to, this would’ve been a great example that the world can use when it comes to blindly following traditions without actually thinking if the tradition made sense or not and then realizing the truth of the traditions in the world we have now. I believe this would have made a bigger impact to the story and no more people have to end their lives

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