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Literary Text: 1984 Text type: Letter Title: Goodbye my lover, my friend, my everything. Rationale 1984 represents a dystopian novel as well as George Orwell's attempt to warn people about the submissive society in which they could turn into by letting authorities take control over them. Considering the literary value of this text, it is worthy to analyze it profoundly focusing on the controversial topic of social relationships; particularly in love manifestation as it was strictly forbidden in the hypothetical world of the author.. Writing a letter based on this book approaching to its fifth chapter from the second part aims to emphasize the drastic changes that the protagonist, Winston Smith, suffered throughout the development of the story because of Julia, his love. He demonstrated the natural conduct of humans which consists on the survival instinct characterized by acting without thinking about the repercussions of decisions. Consequently, by condemning Julia into a terrible punishment, he felt …show more content…

We might have hidden in a site far away from this subdued society or lived a normal life while encountering in the forest. Undoubtedly, our destiny separated us without piety. Overall, I understand your contempt and disappointment, I have been a disaster, a liar who deserves to be buried in the deepest part of your heart. Under these circumstances, I dare to tell you I will spend the rest of my life trying to hold in abhorrence the monster I used to be, the one who knocked down what you built. I will always be waiting for you, even something inside of me refuses to this mad idea. I will be optimistic as you were once, no matter if I die loving you or the Party kills me for being a man in love. Thanks for making me believe love could heal the wounds of my soul. Goodbye my lover, my friend, my

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