Literature Review Of Hospitality

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Oftentimes, people experience hospitality from other people. This can be shown through welcoming and helping others when in need. Hospitality has been viewed from a different perspective of people, it may be different from person to person; however, hospitality has still been practiced by many as part of their characteristics, religion, culture or traditions. Human beings are accustomed to express kindness to other people as it became part of a person’s life. Hospitality has been learned from their home and became a ripple effect as people can pass the hospitableness to others and so on.

The outlook of people from hospitality varies from other people as a person has dissimilarity when it comes to their own …show more content…

On top of that, it is inside us that it comes out naturally when guests are around. King (1995 p. 223) “Hospitality was a private quality, and generosity was a key component of hospitality.”

To begin with, traveling can be either a pleasurable experience for me or destined to suffer (King, 1995). Being in a new place gives me an enthusiastic feeling as I could sense the thrill of being alone in a different place and far from my home. Yet, I could also feel the fear that builds within me as I know that I am going face new challenges. Brotherton (1999 p. 167) “There is a novelty value, a chance to do and experience something different, a freedom from everyday home-based routines and obligations, involved in receiving hospitality away from home.”
As an individual, who started living here in New Zealand two weeks ago gives me an overwhelming feeling that people here welcome me. I can see their smiling faces that I encounter most especially when the driver dropped me off at the reception area. The administration officer who greeted and assisted me with everything I need which shows that hospitable is within the people here. I also learned that students here came from different countries, mostly from Asian countries in which leads to different religion, culture, and traditions that come from their country.
Nouwen (1975 p. 47) “It is there that our reaching out to our innermost being

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