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I would like to start-up a business where I can learn from others about their culture and to see how different cultures will be with each other. Amsterdam is a big city with a shortage of hotels. That brings me to an idea: starting a hotel business.
The hotel will be between Schiphol and Amsterdam. When I start-up my hotel near Amsterdam, it will be a great business to do. Moreover, it is easier for the people who arrive at Schiphol to reach the hotel.

Type of business
Our business is a partnership type of business because it’s owned by two people. Through our partnership, we will increase the level of our business, making decisions and implementation of changes can be fast, and we cover each other for holidays and
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If the preferences of the guests corresponds to what we have in the hotel, we could know that those are the guests who belong to our hotel. We have to be able to satisfy the guests completely.
We must know which visitors we can expect. For example, guests for a wedding (because a wedding will be held in one of the halls of the hotel), or businessmen who come for a business meeting, or a family on vacation.

To identify how our hotel can be likely to make use of, we’ll use the primary market research and the secondary market research.

The primary market research.
The primary market research is to gather new information by conducting market research, interviews and surveys. This information we have collected through direct contact with the guests. This research differs per business. Our hotel can overview about the target markets through the surveys and interviews we have done.

The secondary market research.
Secondary market research involves the processing of information that is already collected by previous researchers. For the secondary market research, I will use a research company. They will give me the information of the surrounding hotels of my hotel location. It is then possible to promote my hotel with another, so I’ll be able to compare my hotel with the others to improve. Based on the information of the other hotels are be seen what they can do and what not. This

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