Literature Review On Conformity

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Literature Review
It is a proven fact that when people are around a group that are doing an action, they can convince other people to do what they are doing. This idea of peer pressure is the driving force behind group related sales. The more people around you buying a product, the more desirable it seems and the more willing a person is to purchase the product (Berger, 2017). The key idea when fashion advertising is to put it in a place where a large audience will see it and be influenced by each other to buy the product. Groups of people have the power to decide whether or not a product is worth the price when there are cheaper alternatives to the luxury brand. For this reason, conformity is a major factor (Taylor & Costello, 2017). In ecosystems, cooperative behavior or behavior that puts the group or society first rather than the immediate needs of the individual is common not just in ecosystems but society as well. This behavior can be translated to sales and marketing as it relates to the luxury fashion industry. When individuals are in a group setting, one is more likely to follow the predetermined leader or the majority rather than form their own opinions (Brede, 2013).
Costly Signaling Theory Costly signaling theory is the reason that people pay high prices for things such as name brand products or high-priced energy efficient cars. Subconsciously, it signals that the person in possession of these goods is better or more well off than the average

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