Literature Review On Life After Football

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Literature Review I have read over seven articles but only 4 stood out that talk about the topic life after the football and can help explain some of the answers I have received from ex-football players. (Trahan, K.2014, July 09). Basically, talks about how coaches and the NCAA claims that its doing a great service to all football players just because most football players get their degree. When in reality some degrees are worth far more than others for example depending on what degree you are majoring in is where the moneys at like doctor degree or a master but most coaches encourage players to major in general studies just so they can be eligible. most athletes are clustered into majors so that they can focus on their sports this cause athletes to fail at the end when football all over because they do not have any backup plan and no degree to secure a career several football players give their testimony in some interview Kevin did for example Devon Ramsey from North Carolina. he talks about how much he was lost after football because he was blind by the fame and popularity, he talks about how people prays him in college and academics was the least of his worries but when he stepped out in the real world and no longer played football he felt really lonely and depressed. This brings me to question why most players become lost after college football. Is it possible they felt like this because of the type of degree they have. An important factor when analyzing what happens

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