Literature Vs Modern Literature

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Novels and works of literature are often an extension of popular sentiments and the atmosphere of the era they were written in. By reading works from various time periods, one can gain a sense of what life was like at that time. They may also learn what minorities or the systematically oppressed were feeling but not able to express. Thus, reading is a powerful and impactful way to add another layer to the history one may or may not know of a time period. Despite this, works written in the past are often written off as dry and having no purpose because they do not relate to the lives of people today. However, when one closely reads and compares classic novels to modern works, there are a multitude of overlaps of messages and themes that prove that the purpose of literature and the lives of the masses have largely stayed the same, with key differences coming from the evolving times. For example, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontё was published in 1847 but still has many of the same themes that are expressed in The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, which was published over a century later in 2011. Despite changes in the times, both novels touch on themes and messages that include the growth one undergoes over their lifetime, the fact that sometimes what you must do is hard but right, that love is a lot of work and forgiveness, that your mother figure can be found in unexpected places, and that your sense of belonging and home is not always a physical place. Both Jane and

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