Lithium in the Treatment of Bipolar I Disorder

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However, due to the high incidence of inadequate preventive response, as well as a host of undesirable side effects and a "narrow therapeutic index," health care providers have sought other mood stabilizing medications for either monotherapy or use with Lithium. One such medication is Carbamazepine, used either in monotherapy or in combination with other medications. While pharmacotherapy is classically used to treat Bipolar I Disorder, health care providers are finding that psychosocial treatments can assist in more effective treatment of some facets of the disease, encouraging patient collaboration, participation and education, which ultimately may enhance long-term mood stabilization, occupational and social functioning, and quality of life. Body:

Lithium in the Treatment of Bipolar I Disorder, including Parameters and Strength of Evidence Supporting Treatment. Lithium is the medication most extensively used to treat the mania and depression of Bipolar I. Marketed under the brand names of Eskalith or Lithobid (Martin, 2011), Lithium is often prescribed as maintenance therapy due to its highly-reported success in reducing the frequency/severity of mania, preventing mania, lessening depression and reducing the risk of suicide (Wyatt, 2011). What is more, researchers have found that the earlier Lithium is used, the higher the reduction of morbidity among…
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