Little Red Riding Hood, Told In The Hunter'S Point Of View.Little

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Little red riding hood, Told in the hunter 's point of view Little red and scarlet By: Esmeralda Zapata I huff, looking at myself in the mirror shrugging I walked over to my closet grabbing a fresh pair of clothes. The black ripped skinny jeans and the old baggy flannel was perfect for a little hunt in the woods today. I tie my combat boots and look myself in the mirror groaning at the state my hair was in. I brush my silver hair into a ponytail before grabbing my weapons and heading out. I decided on my crossbow and my knife to find me some dinner. I crouch down noticing some type of track on a dirt trail looking up seeing if there were more. I smirk the wolf I 've been tracking for days finally left me a way to track it I stood up …show more content…

“right next to the river where the nut trees are planted” she answered I growled facepalming. I strapped my crossbow getting ready to follow the wolf to this grandma 's house. I stand up a little trying to make some noise to spook the wolf. The wolf 's ears perked and looking in my direction but still not noticing me. “well red I will see you around I have to get going” he said before running off. red shrugged before skipping to her grandmothers. I huff and continue after the wolf at a safe distance. The wolf didn 't bother to even run he walked his way through the wood towards grandmas house. My feet softly padded through the leaf covered ground a soft crunch here and there. I stop cringing when a loud snap echoed through the forest I just had to step on a stick. The wolf looked my way this time he saw me he growled before running off. I look around the forest floor for anything nothing, not even one track. I growl there was no way I wouldn’t have this wolf put down. This type of wolf could be sold for about $2,000 alive and $3,000 dead. And god knows I need the money. I facepalmed remembering where he was going. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me trying to remember where this house. My ears perked up at the sound of a scream and I pushed myself to get there quicker. My heart felt like it was gonna pop out of my chest as I burst through the door. The wolf pounced at red devouring her I rolled my and sprung into action. Grabbing my

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