Little Things By Raymond Carver Essay

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Mine The story “Little Things” by Raymond Carver, is a story about a couple who is facing a marital problem for unknown reason in their lives. The family, who was close to each other for quite sometimes, is heading for disaster when two selfish adults argue, and purposely hurt each other physically and emotionally. Most of the time, children from dysfunctional families become the center of the conflict and at the end they pay the price. It is a very short, mysterious, and a sad story to read. In this story, the symbols of snow, the baby and the light and dark show a relationship is falling apart. The story itself starts by telling the reader’s earlier that day how white the snow was, before the weather turned into melted dirty water. Carver…show more content…
The light turns off symbolizes the end of their relationship. He keeps telling her to bring the picture back, but she refuses to give to him and she stood in the doorway of the little kitchen, holding the baby. She is holding tight to the baby, not to lose the big chunk of the relationship, in the process. The baby is the symbol what is left of the relationship. They both want to have a piece of their relationship, but they become selfish and focused on arguing instead of looking for a common solution, how they can share the…show more content…
As Irvin Howe, said “It is a meager life that Mr. Carver portrays, without religion or politics or culture, without the shelter of class or ethnicity, without the support of strong folkways or conscious rebellion. It’s the life of people who cluster in the folds of our society.” Who will have the baby and what happened to the couple’s relationship at the end, the outcome of the fight, and the baby. It is difficult to tell who ends up with the baby, who give up and lets the baby go, or does the baby end up getting hurt, or even killed. “In this manner, the issues was decided”. The overwhelming, mysterious story, captivates the reader attention and leaves us to decide, what could we think happened at the end of the
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