Little Women And The Civil War

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Little Women and the Civil War.
The Civil War served as much more than the fight for civil economies and a struggle to end slavery. What lied in the foreground of the civil war are images of unions and confederate soldiers rummaging through forest of the American South and thoughts of slaves gaining their long sought freedom.
However most people do not consider the lingering backdrop of the war. That would be the effects the war would have on the changing gender roles. The new gender roles formed during the civil war before we can determine the gender roles in the socially crucial time in American History, first we should define what is meant by “gender”. Context of gender is more than just physical being. Gender can be considered more abstract. This being said gender should be considered a preconceived notion about how each of the two sexes should act or interact. An identity is likely exemplified by this following quote from the mid 1800’s. “Their (the Grimke’ sisters’) antislavery speaking tour of the North encountered bitter criticism and resistance from men who charged that they had overstepped the boundaries of their appointed sphere.” (Elizabeth)
In the decades before the civil war it was entirely common for society and women themselves to assign a more subordinate role to women. Women cooked cleaned, nurtured and everything society deemed fit. The civil war however shaped women up to be much more than that. The civil war was not the first time we had seen women
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