Live Theater Research Paper

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Live theater provides an experience that not even television or movies can portray. It reveals the true face of the actors and not someone hiding behind a screen. And there are some emotions that can only be achieved through seeing a show being performed live. My mom gives this quote, “Live theater is a shared experience. Interacting with the other patrons is part of the fun. In some cities there are areas that are geared entirely towards live theater. When you are at a show you are part of a collective with a common interest. Before, during and after is spent in discussion of the show. Movie theaters, while in most communities, do not encourage interaction. There are few social events that occur around attending a movie.” She regularly goes…show more content…
Just take the Broadway show, Cats, which is one of the longest running Broadway shows to date. Some may not know this but they made a movie on Cats and it did terrible. Rotten Tomatoes, a renown critic site, only rated it as 20%. But just take Shakespeare’s plays which still are performed today even though they were made centuries ago. Plays will still be continued to be remade and replayed over and over again until people finally get bored. Movies however can be played but it can’t be remade with new actors or with a twist. Just take the reboot of Ghostbusters with a female cast and many people were disappointed at even the idea of a reboot. This image represents that amount of people who go watch a play despite being outside in the open and exposed to the elements and far from the stage. And they still continue to go and watch wonderful plays performed for their viewing pleasure. And they all are enthralled by the wonderful show being performed for them. In conclusion, live theater is an experience all on its own. It doesn’t matter if you are in a theater at a school or in a large open theater like the Muny, it is truly a wonderful experience. You get to enjoy with friends and others and you are always amazed that they can do so much without computer generated effects or multiple camera angles. In general, go see a play and be amazed at how far greater they are then some
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