Living Conditions During The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution started in Britain because by the end of 19th century, it was one of the most stable and powerful countries in the whole world. Great Britain had a lot of natural resources such as iron and coal that helped to build new machines. The location of England also had an impact because being an island it was isolated from wars and conflicts in Europe. Population development created new opportunities because people were moving from countryside to big cities for jobs which increased the demand for different products. In the 18th century England had all needed factors that contributed to the start of the Industrial Revolution.

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During the Industrial Revolution, the quality of life improved for middle and upper classes, however for the lower classes the living conditions decreased. England built large factories that supported upper and middle classes with production of goods and large amount of laborers. Those
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In my opinion all of those acts should be opposed because no children should be working at all until they turn 18. The working conditions were terrible at the factories, especially for children. Factories were very dangerous to work at. Large and heavy equipment, machines that are spitting out smoke and dangerous facilities resulting in injuries and death were not the best place to work at. Children were paid less than 10 cents an hour and sometimes the factory owners would get away with not paying them at all. Children before 18 should be focusing on their education and not the factory jobs. Although the Factory Act made it much easier for children to work and it considered some of the children’s rights but children of that age shouldn’t be working 9-12 hours a day on such hard jobs for almost no
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