Living Environment And The Space Of The Home

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Kuwait began as a nomadic population in the span of two hundred years it shifted from nomadic to an urban population. The homes in Kuwait still to this day depict the strong influence of Islam and the culture of desert life. They have an inner courtyard that a rectangular shaped home is organized around. With the homes having an inner courtyard it allows them to have an open environment that is still enclosed. This helps to protect from sunlight of arid desert climate as well as the strong wind. The homes usually form cluster together this helps to keep the families together to include the extended family. When families begin to outgrow their homes with the addition of children through marriage families will build more rooms onto the home.…show more content…
In Kuwait the official language is Arabic however English is spoken widely throughout the country. Between the ages of six and fourteen it is mandatory for children to attend school which in the country of Kuwait it is free. After the grade of kindergarten most of the schools in the country are segregated by the basis of gender despite the fact that the government stresses how valuable and important education is for children regardless of their gender. Kuwait has a high literacy percentage of 79 percent, 75 percent of the population that is female are literate while 82 percent of the male population is literate with that in mind the government of Kuwait’s definition of literacy it that a person over the age of fifteen must be capable of writing and reading. In Kuwait there is only one college and or university however even though there is only one school and the fact that the government places such a high regard on education the government will award scholarships to many of the Kuwaitis that strive to pursue higher education for themselves. If people the in the country of Kuwait want to purse knowledge in areas for example electronics, air-conditioning, and diesel as well as petrol engines which are all necessary of all of the major industries that are located in Kuwait there are several post-secondary technical institutes for them.
Kuwait as well as in many other Islamic countries throughout the world use the art of calligraphy is one of the most longstanding and
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