Living Under Poverty : A Better State Of Children

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Imagine living in a world where technology slowly upgrades once every ten years, or having to use the same type of technology for a lifetime. Imagine going to school and think you can do better, but do not have the right tools and teaching. Imagine going to school, looking outside the window, and seeing dirt instead of grass. For people living in urban areas it is hard to imagine all of these things. Poverty is a growing disease that is spreading not only through America but also around the world. America’s economy spends millions of dollars each year trying to reduce the levels of poverty, but still children are left with a reduced chance of ever achieving their goals and dreams. Children that are raised in …show more content…

To answer that question it would be simply, yes. Growing up in most places in America has a really great benefit of having the most advanced tools and teaching for education. When having those advanced learning tools and experienced teachers, it makes it easier for a student to be a better student. Unfortunately, some other places around America and a lot of places around the world are not as lucky as I have been growing up. I began to realize this when I moved to a little country in the Middle East called Palestine. I was going into my middle school years when moving to Palestine so it was quite a bit transition for me. The country is a really nice country to visit, but the education was not as effective and advanced as it was for me in America. The computers were very old and the teachers were not as experienced as they should have been. There is only one reason for all this, and that is poverty. Unlike America, Palestine is living under poverty.
It was very hard to learn over there versus here. When I came back to America to finish my high school years I was falling behind the other students and it was hard for me to do understand a lot especially in English and math. I graduated with having a 4.0 GPA throughout all high school and earned a plaque for it. My friend finished high school in Palestine with the same GPA, which means even though he was in an area with less

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