Living Under Poverty : A Better State Of Children

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Imagine living in a world where technology slowly upgrades once every ten years, or having to use the same type of technology for a lifetime. Imagine going to school and think you can do better, but do not have the right tools and teaching. Imagine going to school, looking outside the window, and seeing dirt instead of grass. For people living in urban areas it is hard to imagine all of these things. Poverty is a growing disease that is spreading not only through America but also around the world. America’s economy spends millions of dollars each year trying to reduce the levels of poverty, but still children are left with a reduced chance of ever achieving their goals and dreams. Children that are raised in poverty give them a smaller chance of growing up to be in a better state of children that are not raised in poverty. Most of this problem deals with the level of education these children get when they are living under poverty. Education is something that helps most Americans Achieve their American dream. With the right teaching and technology, children grow up to do what they love in a career that makes money that is right for them. It seems unfair that just because some children live in a less fortunate environment means that they cannot have the life of what they want. What are some effective educational methods to break the cycle of poverty and addresses proven to work in local schools? As citizens of the United States of America, a free…
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