Lobbying And Anticipated Obstacles Of The Legislative Arena

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Lobbying & Anticipated Obstacles According to Milstead, “success in the legislative arena is much like a three-legged stool, with each leg essential to the sturdiness of the stool as a whole” (Milstead, 2013, p. 53). Professional lobbyist, grassroots lobbyist, and money make up the legs of the stool. Effective influencing and persuasion would determine the success of this proposed policy. The three legs of lobbying can be used with obesity advocacy. “Building trusting relationships, demonstrating interest and concern for the public good, and providing information on issues important to the nursing profession are all things that can be done through regular participation in all aspects of the legislative process” (Milstead, 2013, p. 55).
Leg one represents professional lobbyist, who influence and persuade government entity to achieve the particular outcome proposed (Milstead, 2013). Anyone can be a lobbyist, but it is usually someone from a special interest group who are seen as experts. These individuals give advice to policy and lawmakers regarding issues and rationales as to why one should or should not support certain issues (Milstead, 2013). For this policy to be successful and gain momentum, use of professional lobbyist is required. Examples of professional lobbyist would include the American Nurses Association (ANA), and Emergency Nurses Association (ENA). Advancements in policies can be achieved with support backed by these organizations and

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