Lodging Facility Case Study

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The land for the operation of a lodging facility has been considered with regards to access of the hotel, potential hazards, availability utilities, a potential for flooding and other concerns to those traveling to and from, as well as staying or operating the lodging facility. The consideration of the site is an important first step to undertake to determine the feasibility of this hotel. This conclusion of this stage will determine if the site will be appropriate to accommodate the construction and operations of a lodging facility. We will consider the appraisal that was supplied to us from the clients for this section as well as information provided by FEMA, Tallahassee Property Appraiser and Google maps for purposes of provide a visual …show more content…

The 37,461-square foot hotel, which opened for business in 1999, is located approximately 5 miles northwest of downtown Tallahassee.

A visual inspection of the following adjacent properties:
• North: Undeveloped wooded land
• East: Taco Bell and low-rise residential complex
• South: North Monroe Street followed by hotel properties
• West: Low-rise commercial building
Regional Access Routes Primary regional access through the area is provided by east/west U.S. Interstate 10, which provides access to Pensacola and New Orleans to the west and Jacksonville to the East. North/south U.S. Highway 27 is another major highway, which provides access to such cities as Albany, Columbus and Atlanta, Georgia to the North. The subject market is served by a variety of additional local highways, which are illustrated on the map.
Airport Access
The Fairfield of Tallahassee property is served by Tallahassee International Airport, which is located approximately nine miles to the Southwest of the property. From the airport, motorists will follow signs to U.S. Interstate 10 and travel East to the property. Travel time to the hotel from the airport is approximately 15 minutes. Neighborhood
The neighborhood surrounding the lodging facility has an impact on a hotel's status, image, class, style of operation, and sometimes its ability to attract and properly serve a particular market segment. The neighborhood surrounding the lodging facility is

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