Logan Herr Memorial Scholarship Essay

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I am proud to be applying for the Logan Herr Memorial Scholarship. As a member of the varsity baseball team at Oak Ridge, I can relate with Logan the dedication, discipline, and effort it takes to succeed on and off the field. Like Logan, I have given my personal best the last four years in high school, and feel honored to apply for this scholarship in his honor. I have friends have been touched by Logan, and his love of baseball, hard work, and team are all qualities I share. As I will be attending UCLA next fall, I will continue to follow my passion for sports and academics, and strive to achieve my personal best.

“Don’t just play on your phone, program it.” This quote by President Obama, which hung in my AP Computer Science classroom, embodies what it means to be an engineer and
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Engineers use critical thinking and creativity to solve problems, which mirrors the process I used to write algorithms for the labs or projects in the class. Attending two hackathons over the summer, I learned first-hand the creativity and collaboration necessary in the field of computer science, and successfully created an app in only 24 hours. The limitless possibilities to use my inventiveness and intellectual abilities to solve these problems is why I want to study computer science and engineering in college. As I will be attending UCLA, I want to apply my theoretical knowledge of computer science and engineering into real-world experience in the form of internships and co-op programs. While I have programmed apps and websites, I want to take my coding abilities to the next level, and begin to create complex system structures such as operating systems, as well as optimizing the hardware components, such as processors, for these systems. However, I intend to explore a multitude of academic topics in college, such as economics and statistics, and use my years to grow as an intellectual and
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