Logistic and Supply Chain Management

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RMIT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY VIETNAM Introduction to Logistic and Supply Chain Management Individual Case Study NAME: Tran Thi Kim Mai ID Number: s3231137 LECTURE: JAMIE CALBETO-Group 10 Bachelor of Commerce Program ASSIGNMENT COVER PAGE Your assessment will not be accepted unless all fields below are completed Subject Code: OMGT2085 Subject Name: Introduction to Logistics & Supply Chain Management Location where you study: RMIT Vietnam – SGS Title of Assignment: Individual Case Study File(s) Submitted 1 Student name: Tran Thi Kim Mai Student Number: s3231137 Student Email Address: s3231137@rmit.edu.vn Learning Facilitator in charge: Jamie Calbeto Assignment due date: 12 December 2010…show more content…
The inbound start from the suppliers to manufacture and the out bound begin from warehouses to end users. Level M?MA Main Players Role in the supply chain 1 • Flowers • Plastic • Wax, oil, and antioxidants • Minerals, Vitamins • Supplying flavors to manufacturer • Supplying box containing for cosmetic products • Lipsticks • Powder makeup 2 • Manufacturer in Binh Duong province, Ho Chi Minh City • Collecting all raw materials to the manufacturer. • With a process of measuring, checking and testing seriously to make a perfect final product. • All finished products are transported and kept in the warehouse • Warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City • Warehouse in Hanoi • Maintaining and keeping the products in a best condition before delivering them to the distributors. 3 • Distributors • The middle channel which expands the products to other cities in Vietnam • Though distributors, the products are allotted to customers by retailers and wholesalers 4 • Super Markets • Department stores • Boutique shops • Hair Salon Chains • Malls and Shopping plazas • A system of wholesalers and retailers, which provide the products directly to the end users-customers. SWOT Analysis Strength • With a transportation based 3PLs Reduce the cost of investment on transportation and the order cycle time • Raw materials are in high quality Raw materials are imported from other countries (USA, Philippine) • Local supplies Reducing the order
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