Lolo Loarlo Analysis

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Sexuality plays a significant role in the novel. Be it Oscars’ inability to have sex, Yunior, the narrators, constant search for a woman, the sexual abuse that Lola is victim of as a child or the constant sexualization of Beli as a teen. In these cases, when analyzed, the reader can see that the treatment or, mistreatment of these cases, is often transgenerational. Starting with Lola, the sexual abuse she experienced was at a very young age, and when she tells her mother about it, she is told that she must never speak of it again. This shame that comes with sexual abuse is often repressed by families and victims alike. Lola refers to repressed memory as “within a year I couldn’t have told you what that neighbor looked like, or even his name” (Diaz 56). The way that Lola was sexualized at such an early age, is the same way the she was sexualized on the streets of Santo Domingo as a teen. Yet, Beli does not recognize these similarities. Often, young victims often feel a sense of blame because of the shame that is felt by their families. The sexualization of young girl is not seen a major problem, that is because woman in the novel are disposable. It does not matter if it the dominate Raffaele Trujillo, or the weak Oscar Wao, they all see women as the next conquest, not matter how it is romanticized.
Beli is sadly seen as mostly a sex object. She never experienced true love. In fact, even many of the descriptions in the novel explain men either trying or wanting to hit on her.

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