Loneliness And Self Hatred, By Abraham J. Twerski

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Due to these feelings of helplessness and self-hatred makes a victim of trauma more prone to escape. Abraham J. Twerski, author about chemical dependencies, states in his book that the victim desires to feel better and turns to substances to “anesthetize the pain and allow this person to feel part of the ‘normal world.’” (340). Victoria states in her interview, “I cannot explain the amount of torment I went through from 15 to 17 years old. My moods were so unpredictable, I felt so angry and I could not figure out why, I just wanted to escape so badly.” It was during this time that Victoria began to drink heavily and eventually began experimenting with cocaine at 17 years old. She explained that she experienced her heart racing, an overwhelming sensation of happiness and euphoria the first time she used cocaine. She states, “I was just so angry, I was always looking for a way out and I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first tried cocaine. This feeling rose up in me like I don’t care what this does. I want to try this, see what this is about and when it hit I couldn’t think anything else but more more more.” Victoria said in her interview that she wanted to feel anything but what she was feeling, after using cocaine and experimenting with ecstasy, she had found her way out of reality.
When experiencing trauma there are two sides of trauma, the physical and the emotional. Fight or flight is often associated with shock that sends adrenaline rushing through the
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