Long Day's Journey Into Night Character Analysis

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In the play “Long Day's Journey into Night”, each character is faced with many drastic challenges. These challenges aren't only with themselves, but with other members of their family. They share blame and judgement to themselves and others, dwell on their pasts, struggle to handle their addictions, and also their own personal sufferings. The oddities such as these makes one wonder how hard it must be to struggle without even the help of your own family.
No one seems to be able to accept their own faults and in turn blame everything on someone else whenever they find the chance to. Mary, the boy's’ mother, is a morphine addict and blames her loneliness on her husband, Tyrone, who she claims refuses to buy her nice things and creates a terrible living arrangement for her and her family. For example in the play, she says, “In a real home one is never lonely. You forget I know from experience what a home is like. I gave up one to marry you - my father’s home.” She insists how unhappy she is and how he constantly chooses working on new properties instead of using the money to actually make her happy for once. Mary is forever lonely and blames Tyrone for it since he's constantly leaving her to go to barrooms. Jamie even blames Tyrone for being cheap when it comes to Edmund needing help from a doctor. He claims how he uses a doctor who he gives a talk about getting the cheapest option, never the most effective option. Jamie says, “ Well, for God’s sake, pick out a good place and

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