Long Term Care: A Case Study

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Overall, Ms. Abdirahman did a fantastic job with this presentation and I believe that the grade given reflects this. All criteria was met throughout this presentation. Ms. Abdirahman talked about the role of the pharmacist in Long Term Care (LTC) Pharmacy by describing some of the roles such as dispensing and management operations, making drug interactions, and also making formulary decisions. Within the presentation, she also did a great job describing the impact that LTC has on the patient. She discussed how with the aging population, many of the patients a LTC Pharmacist works with is of an older age, she also describes how the elderly are more likely to need medication relations and counseling, and lastly she described how some of the patients may even be in correctional institutions or mental health facilities.…show more content…
Abdirahman also clarified the requirements of being a LTC Pharmacist, and how a practicing Pharmacist would need to have a bachelor's degree, pass the PCAT, as well as complete Pharmacy School, she also discusses how on the job experience is also required to become a LTC Pharmacist. The responsibilities of a Pharmacist in LTC is also covered, as she states that Pharmacists will have to review medications, possibly make interactions of drugs for patients, and counsel patients on drug therapy. Ms. Abdirahman also goes on to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of being a LTC Pharmacist. Some of the advantages of a LTC Pharmacist being, having a 401k prescription coverage, opportunity to learn and see something new everyday, and using clinical skills for therapy. She goes on to discuss some of the disadvantages of LTC Pharmacy as, can feel like a factory type setting, and not much patient interaction. Overall, Ms. Abdirahman did a great job covering all of the topics that were required and did a great job describing them. I believe the score given greatly reflects the hard work and time that was put into this
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