Long Term Effects Of Being Bullied As A Child

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Long Term Effect of Being Bullied as a Child Have you ever been called a nasty name? Or made fun because of your hair, or even your clothes? Or have you have made fun of someone because of their hair or clothes? Bullying is something that is active across the world, and it doesn 't just happen in schools, it can happen anywhere at any time to anyone. We can all always do our best to prevent it but the outcome is very low. Statistics show that between the age of 5 and 7 is when bullying is very hot. In the article “Bullying at a young age” it states that “between these ages is when children are maturing and starting to realize new things about others” children do not intend to pick on one another they just simply do don 't know how to be polite and ask.When it comes to bullying, a lot of people blame parents first. A lot of the time, the parents are not connected with their children as much as they should be. Or that is what some people think. Sometimes a person begins to bully others because of their situation within their household. Like we all know things at home can sometimes get a little out of hand, in all families. They may come from a single parent home or their parents may have just gotten a divorce. In other instances, a person may live in a poor neighborhood and their parents or guardians may not be handling the responsibility of being a parent in a way that they should. A lot of the time, being a bully is a cry for help. There are many neighborhoods all around
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