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A Long Way Gone Final Write Up By Liz Kiezulas / 11-15-16 / Blue 4 I really enjoyed A Long Way Gone. Reading this type of book was new to me, because I wouldn’t typically choose a book like this for myself, but that did not make it any less of a great book to me. I cannot relate to the book of A Long Way Gone, because what Ishmael went through in his country is very likely to never happen to me. Though, I find it astonishing in many ways how such a young child went through such trauma so early in his life. I have noticed how the thought of Ishmael’s family was a driving force throughout the entire book. When the war first started and he was separated from his family, Ishmael always thought of them, their whereabouts and hoped to find them. Then, when he became a child soldier and killing became easy to him, his …show more content…

I think that everyone in my group gave good and valuable input. I could tell that some deep thinking went into the write-up of people’s jobs. Everyone came to class prepared and I could tell that Kelly, Nicole and Emma put a good effort into thoroughly completing their jobs. We had no problem discussing anything that involved the book. The discussions went really well. I think that the fact that we all had our own thoughts and opinions about the different events that occurred in the book, and even the book itself is what made our discussions so benefiting. We all found the book enjoyable to read, though we wouldn’t typically choose this type of book for ourselves. A Long Way Gone was different for all of us and even though we all really liked the book, its themes and plot were kind of new to us. Still, we had no problem discussing it. Over all, everything involving the book went smoothly. I felt as if I had plenty of time to read that weeks chapters and do my job by the time it was due. Nicole, Kelly and Emma also came to class prepared, having read all of the needed chapters and done their job

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