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What You Need to Know About Small Business Taxes

Starting your own small business is an exciting and sometimes frightening time for most Americans. If you opened a new business or began a new venture last year, you taxes will need to be completed to accommodate this new industry. Tax payers in Rosedale, New York should take the time to call me or come by my office with any small business tax questions. I am Monique Desir, a tax preparer and accountant. My years of experience will serve your new business to the fullest.

Choosing the Right Type of Business
Before you ;can open the doors to your new business, you will need to choose a business entity. This will be your identity for tax and other legal purposes. The entity that you choose will determine how you are taxed, how much liability you have, and how you have to keep your records throughout the year. Your business entity will also dictate how large your business will be able to grow, if you can have investors, and how you will be viewed by the global market.

There are five standard business entity types, and each will have pros and cons from a business and tax standpoint. You will need to select which entity you will be, and file the correct legal paperwork at the onset of your new venture. The five business entities are: Limited Liability Companies Sole Proprietorship Partnership

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