Looking At A Game Night Social Consisting Mainly Of Country Boys Essay

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For this assignment I decided to diversify myself by going to a game night social consisting mainly of country boys. It was not hosted by SUU, my friend had told me if I wanted to go with her. I said yes because it sounded like the type of people I would not usually socialize with. Not because I don 't like them but because we have nothing in common. All I knew is that it was a social, we were going to play games, and get to know new people. So we went, It was at one of the guy 's house, when I got there it was definitely overwhelming when I saw the ratio of guys to girls. In my head I thought “proceed with caution” then I thought about it some more and figured it made sense since they called themselves the country boys. Although it 's not all boy club, girls are welcomed as well. Everyone was in the living room and we introduced ourselves to each other. As I observed I noticed that they definitely dressed as if they were country people and they did talk a bit differently but nothing to out of the ordinary. We started off by playing a game. Not just any game though, we had to play Werewolf. I say it like that because when they announced it, everyone who had already been part of the group started freaking out. They all got very excited. I felt very out of place because I had never even heard about that game before. I was glad that they didn 't mind me asking to explain the rules of the game. I’m not going to get into all of the details of how to play, for two reasons. One,

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