Analysis Of Boyz R Us By Scott Monk

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In the narrative: Boyz ‘r’ us by Scott Monk, we comprehend the author’s depiction of Mitch. That he is an incorrigible young adolescent with many obligations, upon his shoulders. We perceive that Mitch is confined within a gang, a gang that is pessimistically changing his life, it is also having disdainful influence on his deportments and it is carrying out that influence with him in his life. We are exposed to the theme of change in Mitch’s life when encountering some drastically different: characters, setting, situations and outcomes. The author certifies Mitch’s life one-step at a time, by exploring the depth of Mitch’s predicaments, in other accounts; inquiring into the theme of adolescent etiquettes and by positioning us in the centre of the contingencies.

In the first occurrence of the novel “Boyz “r” us”, by Scott Monk. We find a disobedient/troublesome boy finding his way out of class. We soon realise that the troublesome young adolescent is Mitchel Jarret (our main protagonist), it is not yet certain that he is a protagonist or antagonist, at this point. An example of this, is found in the quote; “Apparently during lunch, wheeler stirred up my crew, the Marrickville Thunderjets, saying I’d turned soft. I had not been running with the people for some time now, hassling shop owners, train surfing and leaving my “Tag” on every available space. The use of one language technique in this context is, colloquial language, in the word “hassling”. In this example, we can

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