Looking Up At The Grey Sky

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Looking up at the grey night sky, John Jhonerston grimly pondered about existence as he shuffled down barren boulevard. With the acknowledgement of being constantly monitored by the secret police, John awkwardly put one foot in front the other; the small trip to the grocery store starting to feel like eternity. Ever since the new totalitarian government had been established after the civil war, ever since the loss of John’s family, life has been a living hell. A pointless, monotonous, depressing, existence. A pain that John has had to endure for countless years. Its was late night, and very few people were outside. The street was quiet and peaceful. It was a nice break from the daily sight of people being put down by firing squad in public. The bloodstains were still visible, and the countless bullet holes in the walls were filled in with plaster as if nothing happened. Cameras slowly panning to face him, John slowly trudged inch by inch as he tried not to make any sudden movements as he was slowly walked closer and closer towards the grocery store.
John could remember the days. The days before war broke out. The days before the sky was stained and darkened by all of the factory smoke. He could recall feeling the warm sun enlightening his skin, playing around in the green grass. Now, the smoke has caused an industrial winter, allowing no space for the sun’s rays to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere. Acid rain was no longer a term, because acid rain was routine. “Was.” The…

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