Looking Up At The Grey Sky

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Looking up at the grey night sky, John Jhonerston grimly pondered about existence as he shuffled down barren boulevard. With the acknowledgement of being constantly monitored by the secret police, John awkwardly put one foot in front the other; the small trip to the grocery store starting to feel like eternity. Ever since the new totalitarian government had been established after the civil war, ever since the loss of John’s family, life has been a living hell. A pointless, monotonous, depressing, existence. A pain that John has had to endure for countless years. Its was late night, and very few people were outside. The street was quiet and peaceful. It was a nice break from the daily sight of people being put down by firing squad in…show more content…
Humanity just barely survived without natural light by growing plants in indoor farms with artificial light. Snow was falling again, and John had to get to the grocery store quickly. Trying to cover his face, he walked at a steadfast pace, while simultaneously trying to cover up all of his body in hopes that nothing but garments are burned. John finally arrived at the grocery store after a couple of minutes of enduring the strong wind and acidic snow. After stepping in, he smelled of burnt leather and wool. John proceeded to check himself in a two way mirror usually used for shake-downs and inspections, and he noticed that the outer layer of the back of his leather trench jacket was discolored from the acidic snow. He immediately saw some more snowflakes resting on his shoulders, slowly eating away at the leather; John wiped the snow off and consequently received slight burns to his hand. After enduring a stinging pain, John finally started shopping. The immense array of cameras is quite frightening to see at first. It took John some time getting used to it. Feeling like someone in a government room was staring icy daggers into your back is very discomforting. Starting in the produce section, John was searching for the fruits and vegetables that he required on a daily basis. John casually -yet simultaneously warily- strolled down the aisles, picking up the fruits and vegetables John enjoyed
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