Looking for Tolerance in a Postmodern World Essay

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In an allegedly postmodern world, when looking at tolerance for ideologies other than our own is said to be the only absolute and controlling ideology. Inasmuch, as its doctrine of “sin” suggests that all humans are inherently flawed; Christianity is often viewed as judgmental and intolerant of others. Granted the approach of a certain Baptist church in Topeka, Kansas pushes the extreme that makes all Christians cringe in this area. Christians should not be embarrassed of the doctrine of sin today. Moreover, Christianity should not try to soften what it says about the human condition to be more readily acceptable to a broader world. This world needs help, guidance, and rules if we are to succeed as a human race.
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The sexual sins become a heavy steel chain that we cannot break free of once entwined. Equally hard to break as any other addiction, is that of sexual addiction. This passage of scripture is my reminder to keep clear of any soul sacrificing sexual snare and follow the path of the Holy Spirit that is before me. God has given a body to serve Him, and no desecration of his Holy Temple should occur. Feeling that the fall of humankind affects us, never should it be used as an excuse in this present day (Erickson, 2001, p. 209). We have already been given the gift of life without end through the death and resurrection of Christ, and the promise of being made new in His image. There is no way we can go on misleading ourselves that the culpability can be placed on the original fall of man anymore since we have been given a freewill choice not to sin. We are set free of our sins, and need to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into the truth. Sin has become so overlooked by humanity, that the world has taken the Bible and made it a storybook. They have minimized the effect of sin with false beliefs of Jesus forgiving them even when they refuse to repent or to accept Him. Some have used the Genesis account of sin as a fable, while others have tried to eliminate the Savior Jesus’ part in the saving process. They have not even recognized the need for Jesus who sits beside the Father asking for our

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