Lord Of The Flies By William Arthur

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Arthur stood by the window and gazed longingly out of it. He began daydreaming. He imagined what his knights were doing at that moment. Lancelot was probably helping some poor servant with their chores, Gwaine was probably (no, definitely) in the tavern, Elyan was probably helping a blacksmith run his forge, Leon was probably training or on duty (he always seems to be doing extra shifts), and Percival was probably lifting weights or reading. Arthur for the life of him couldn’t work out what that big guy would get up to in his spare time.
His pondering was interrupted with his chamber door flying open to reveal a slightly breathless Merlin with his arms laden with food. The manservant grinned happily at the prince and laid his food on the table. Arthur walked away from the window and sat down at his table. As he ate, Arthur thought back to a private meeting he had had with his father that morning.


Arthur walked into the throne room and bowed to the king who was sitting straight on his throne. “Sire,” Arthur acknowledged. “Why have you called me?”
Arthur had already noted that the moon was currently at its zenith and was not pleased to have been woken at this hour. However as his father was the king and denying him his wish would probably have Arthur thrown in the cells. “Arthur. I have received a bottle of liquid that has been named a truth serum from an unknown sender,” Uther reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a glass bottle containing a…
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