Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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“Lord of the Flies” was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for literature in the year 1983. It has also received positive and optimistic comments from The Times. The provided positive feedback to the renowned piece of literature has made the novel and other written masterpieces of the author highly demanded. The author of this award winning novel, William Golding, was also known for many of his other highly favoured books. For example, “The Spire” and “The Inheritors”. Though the author has written other well known pieces of literature, “Lord of the Flies” will always be his most renowned piece. Not only was this his most famous piece of writing, but also his first. William Golding was not only an astounding author, he has also served in …show more content…

There is blood dripping from the eyes, the mouth, and the neck of the pig. This could very well mean the pig was decapitated brutally and without mercy. I also assume the pig on the front of the book is representing a character in the book. This can be inferred from the fact of the pig having colours which can count as human emotions. Red means anger, white means peace, black means misery, and grey is the mix of both black and white. The various shades of grey mean different amounts of peace and misery are mixed. Darker grey portrays more misery while lighter grey depicts more peace. The head of the pig is shaded white, many different shades of grey, and black. The shading down the spectrum was not blended at all as if the illustrator of the picture wanted to show the sudden jumps in behaviour. Since white is usually associated with good, and black is associated with bad, we can assume it is representing the change of the characters from being ethical and moral to becoming more savage individuals. The sudden and abrupt changes in colour, from white to grey, and grey to a darker shade of grey, and so on, can be seen as sudden and abrupt changes in emotion as well. Slowly becoming less peaceful and organized without warning. Which means at the end, becoming a relentless individual who seeks to decimate anyone in his or her path. In my opinion and knowledge, the stake, hanging out under the neck of the pig foreshadows cannibalism. In the past, cannibals

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