Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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Written by William Golding, Lord of the Flies is a realistic book about a group of British school boys who while being transported to a different location in the middle of the second world war, were shot down and stranded on an island. What William Golding was trying to say was that why the boys were corrupted could be lead back to the basic nature of humans themselves. For example, in the book Lord of the Flies, this is shown with Jack and his need for power, leading him to go insane which ultimately lead to the downfall of the rest of the boys. Jack is a character wanting power from the beginning. When we first meet Jack, he is leading a group of schoolboys. After Ralph is elected as chief, he still allows Jack to oversee the choir which he makes his hunters, not fully understanding what that would mean for him later. If Jack was to be in charge earlier on then the book would have played out differently, it even states “…while the most obvious leader was Jack.” (Golding 22), yet the boys still chose Ralph. Jack would have been a great leader and his need for power which can be perfectly displayed after they see the beast. “‘I’m not going to be a part of Ralphs lot.’” (Golding 127). Jack is told he isn’t powerful enough to kill the beast and this upsets him. Jack is in charge of the hunters if he is told that his hunters are useless then he feels weak, which upsets him compelling him to leave the group. After leaving he wasn’t upset or regretted it but rather “he was
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