Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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In a world submerged in the temptations of savagery, many humans continuously presume that we are intrinsically good. We are always given a choice on whether we will fall into the temptations of barbarism, or rise above and be good. However, in most literature and cinema, there always seems to be two distinct characters, a protagonist who is always portrayed as good and antagonist who is always the “bad guy”. When we stereotype these two personalities, we contradict the prior point that people are able to choose between right and wrong. When in the situation, most chose wrong over right for the sake of being able to, or they felt their decision was legitimate. In many cases, the outsider view of the situation always opposes the choice made, for the reason of the person feeling justified. Here lies the utter confusion between the two spectrums, which many become trapped in between, that determines the antagonist by the distinction conforming to the observer's view of whose actions are justifiable. Children mainly get tangled between the scale because they are being taught contradicting ideas. In Lord of the Flies, the adolescent boys must decide between good and evil before they fully understand the consequences of their decision. When almost all of the boys make the “wrong” decision and chose to become barbaric, the novel becomes labeled as pessimistic. However, actions like when Ralph goes to extreme lengths to defy Jack, Sam and Eric refuse to betray Ralph, and when Ralph

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