Lord Of The Flies Symbolism

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MMarlex Iraheta
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9 October 2017 The Dark side of Man
What does it mean to be human? In the novel Lord of The Flies, author William Golding goes in depth and shines some light on a darker side of man with symbols he portrays throughout his book. In the Lord of The Flies, a group of kids have crashed landed on an island with no civilization, no adults to take charge, and no one to look after them. Alone, the group of kids slowly lose their grasp of civilization, and one by one they start giving in to their savagery. In Lord of The Flies William Golding uses the symbols of “the beast,” the pig hunts, and the island’s scars to portray the kids’ fall from civilization into savagery, also known as the dark side of man.
Topic Sentence needed. Then introduce the quote “It’s you… You're the beast… Can’t you see what you're doing…”~ Simon’s last words. What is the beast, and what does it represent in LoTF? The beast is the fear that we all have inside of us; the very same fear that led the kids into killing each other. Fear , it manipulates the mind, kicks all logic out the window and puts your mind in a defensive mechanism. This defense mechanism is known as the Fight or Flight response , our natural instinct as human where the frontal lobe, or the prefrontal cortex goes offline (meaning you have no control over your body) and your Limbic system takes control over your body, and kicks starts an adrenaline rush, like a lighter being ignited by a sprayed can, this

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