Lorraine Hansberry Rebellious

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Who exactly was Lorraine Hansberry? Well, for starters, she was born on May 19, 1930: The day a legend was born. She was also the granddaughter of a freed slave (Lorraine). She already came from a family of rebels so, why wouldn't she be one herself? She was an amazing, well-driven, and courageous rebel. Sadly, she died at age 34 due to pancreatic cancer (Lorraine). During her lifespan, she lived her life as a playwright, author, and an activist (Patti). Why do I say that she's rebellious? For one, her family had moved to a white neighborhood and lived their life inside due to mobs in their front lawn shouting and yelling at them to move. They didn't move until the Supreme Court evicted them (Patti). She also rebelled against a family tradition
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